Our team of volunteers are an integral part of Waterville Creates. Volunteers help us build community through assistance with dynamic exhibitions, transformative performances, film experiences, educational classes, and workshops.

By volunteering, you can give back to your community while supporting events and performances at the Waterville Opera House, gain program and exhibition experience at Ticonic Gallery + Studios, and welcome filmgoers and filmmakers from around the world at the Maine International Film Festival.


If you are interested in volunteering, please read our volunteer manual, where you will find our code of conduct and expectations.

Volunteer Manual

If you are a new WC Volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application. Once your application is processed, you will receive a link to sign up for volunteer shifts via SignUp.com. Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.

Volunteer Now

If you are a returning volunteer you can access the volunteer site here!

Volunteer Opportunities

By becoming a volunteer you opt into our volunteer appreciation program! For each volunteer opportunity you partake in, you will receive a Volunteer Voucher. Vouchers can be exchanged for certain experiences and perks at the Maine Film Center, the Waterville Opera House, and Ticonic Gallery + Studios.

Volunteer Vouchers


Waterville Opera House

The Opera House relies on volunteers in creating and supporting our year round performances. Available opportunities include: performers, backstage technicians, painters, costume stitchers, ushers, ticket takers, and more.


Ticonic Gallery+Studios

Support our education + outreach program and events! We have workshops, camps, program series, and more. Volunteer opportunities are also available in the following areas throughout the year: administration, exhibitions, marketing, and in our studio.


Maine Film Center

The Maine Film Center relies on a team of dedicated volunteers to present the annual Maine International Film Festival (MIFF). Available opportunities include poster distribution and marketing assistance, ticket taking, event coordination, and more.


Thank you to our dedicated volunteers!

Wendy Burton. Trudy Ferland. Tony Crabtree. Tom Crisp. Teresa Rael. Susan Perrino. Susan MacKenzie. Susan Harris. Susan Gurney. Stephen Viti. Sheila Marshall. Sandy ORourke. Rita Nielson. Richard Dillenbeck. Regina Oliver. Nancy Gallagher. Monica Trainer. Mike Gallagher. Michael Donihue. Melisa Dugal. Megan Huesers. Meg Patterson. Maryrose Rodrigues. Mark Steele. Marie Duryea. Margaret Newlin Rice. Margaret Anderson. Lynne Dailey. Lyn Smith. Linda Ewing. Leslie Cosgrove. Lauren Ouellette. Laurel York. Kellie Hess. Katya Shevchenko. Kathleen Nale. Katharine Schulz. Kate Altizer. Karen Kusiak. Julie Chrysler. Joyce Nasr. Jennifer Hickey. Jean Croce. Janet White. Herb Oliver. Faye C McDonough. Denise Lord. David Hedrick. Danielle Amerault. Claire Bourque. Christine Wolfe. Chery. A. Cayer. Carol Marascio. Bee Tyler. Barbara Bickford Lowell. Andrea Jane Keirstead


For any specific questions about our volunteer program:
 [email protected]