SLICE (Students Learning Innovative Creative Endeavors) is a multi-disciplinary arts education and engagement program designed to encourage students ages 13-18 to explore Waterville’s unique, high-quality arts and cultural programs and institutions. This free program directly invites students to visit the Waterville Opera House, the Maine Film Center, the Waterville Public Library, the Colby College Museum of Art, Ticonic Gallery + Studios, and other arts venues to engage in outstanding arts programming and learn more about possible career paths in the creative arts.



Date: Tuesday, April 2 at 3-5pm
Location: Paul J. Schupf Art Center, 93 Main St, Waterville
How do we create make-up effects for the stage? Try this fun workshop to learn three make-up effects: bruises, burns, and cuts. Join make-up artist, Rilee Elliott, to learn tricks of the trade and what it means to become a make-up artist!

Career highlighted: Make-up Artist



Date: Tuesday, April 9 at 3-5pm
Location: Gordon Center for Creative and Performing Arts, Colby College Campus
Join Kate Hunter to learn how to think like a sound designer for the stage! Come prepared with a song that describes you as a person. We’ll take turns listening to each other’s songs and learn how to describe music in conjunction with some light script analysis. Then, we’ll get up on our feet and design a short scene together. Kate has a B.A. in theatre from the University of Utah, where she studied sound design and stage management.

Career highlighted: Sound Designer


Date: Tuesday, April 23 at 3-5pm
Location: Paul J. Schupf Art Center, 93 Main St, Waterville
Are you passionate about volunteering and creating art with a positive impact? Join renowned artist, writer, and cultural organizer, Peter Bruun, as he shares what it means to be a social engagement artist. Unleash your creativity by crafting a painting that narrates a positive community story close to your heart!

Career highlighted: Community Engagement Teaching artist



Date: Thursday, May 2 at 3-5pm
Location: Waterville Public Library, 73 Elm St, Waterville
Celebrate spring by building a mini fantasy terrarium! Participants will make jar terrariums and paint fantasy miniatures to inhabit the spaces they create with instructor Raechel Moore, librarian generalist at the Maine State Library.
Career highlight: podcaster and librarian


Raechel Moore is a Librarian Generalist at the Maine State Library, where she ran a long-term Dungeons & Dragons game for kids. She’s also a member of Freelance Heroism, a successful D&D actual-play podcast; and she paints highly detailed D&D miniatures.