SLICE: Fall 2023

October 11, 18, 25 and November 8, 15, 3-5pm

Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville Creates, Waterville Public Library, and the Colby Arts Office

Paul J Schupf Art Center, Waterville Public Library, and the Gordon Center for Performing Arts

SLICE (Students Learning Innovative Creative Endeavors) is a multi-disciplinary arts education and engagement program designed to encourage students ages 13-18 to explore Waterville’s unique, high-quality arts and cultural programs and institutions. This free program directly invites students to visit the Waterville Opera House, the Maine Film Center, the Waterville Public Library, the Colby College Museum of Art, Ticonic Gallery + Studios, and other arts venues to engage in outstanding arts programming and learn more about possible career paths in the creative arts.

Wednesday October 11, 3-5pm
How to Audition like a Pro
How do you prepare for an audition for a straight play or musical? This fun workshop will help prepare you to audition and take away some of the unknowns when reading sides, singing, or trying simple choreography! This friendly and welcoming workshop will give you the courage to audition like a pro.
Careers: Actor, Singer

Wednesday October 18, 3-5pm
Lighting for movies and video
How do you go beyond the ring light? The incredible art of cinematography involves many different people on a film set, ranging from jobs like key grip, gaffer, head boy, cinematographer, and more! The lighting sets a mood, enhances a character, and helps to tell the story in any movie! Join creative producer Brian Bechard of Maine Public to learn basic lighting set up for a scene.
Careers: Cinematographer, Key Grips, Gaffer, and more

Wednesday October 25, 3-5pm
Painting Tabletop Roleplaying Miniatures
At the Waterville Public Library
Raechel Moore will teach participants about how to get started with painting miniatures that can be used for Dungeons and Dragons, as well as other tabletop games. Each participant will have the opportunity to try painting their own miniature.
Careers: Librarian, Gamer, Podcaster

Wednesday November 8, 3-5pm
Event Production and Design: Behind the Scenes at Gordon Center
At the Gordon Center for Creative and Performing Arts
Learn what it takes to support a live production from the technical standpoints of lighting, sound, and production management. Tour the new Gordon Center for Creative and Performing Arts while learning about many careers in the field of technical production for live events.
Careers: Production Manager, Event Manager

Wednesday November 15, 3-5pm
Tell a Story with Film
At the Paul J Schupf Art Center
Explore visual storytelling with hands-on activities throughout the Paul J Schupf Art Center. The workshop begins with a visit to the Colby College Museum of Art’s exhibition “Bill Morrison: Cycles & Loops” in the Joan Dignam Schmaltz Gallery of Art. We will then collaborate on creating projects using Polaroid film to learn the art of storytelling.
Careers: Artist, journalist, editor, storyteller


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