School Show – Henry IV, Part 1

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 9:30am

Waterville Opera House & Theater at Monmouth

Waterville Opera House, 1 Common St, Waterville, ME

6 - 12

School Shows: Tickets must be reserved in advance through the Box Office by completing the registration form. For more information CLICK HERE.

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Dawn McAndrews

Henry IV, Part 1 is the story of Prince Hal (the future King Henry V of England), a fifteenth
century wild child who carouses with criminals and commoners, helps his loser chums
rob his father’s treasury, and spends all his time in seedy bars. This, of course, all takes
place before Prince Hal’s glorious “reformation,” when he transforms himself from a
total disgrace into a noble leader, who helps put down a rebel uprising that threatens his
father’s reign, and kills the guy who’s been bad-mouthing him all over England. Wow.
Being a young prince is busy work, and this is just Part 1 of the story.

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