Sarah Cain: hand in hand

March 31–December 11, 2022

Colby College Museum of Art

Colby College Museum of Art

Frequently composing at the scale of architecture, the artist Sarah Cain seeks out new territories for abstract painting. With wit, irreverence, and a palette informed by California sunshine, Cain fearlessly works against the grain of a tradition- and history-bound medium to envision what a painting can be and how it can be encountered. Through her art, she manifests the value of responding to a place or a situation from a fresh perspective.

For the Colby Museum Cain created hand in hand, an on-site painting covering the full expanse of the William D. Adams Gallery floor and creating an environment for an arrangement of the artist’s paintings on canvas and painted furniture. In a space that functions as the gateway to the galleries, this ambitious installation is immersive and reorienting, manifesting the synergy of togetherness—a whole greater than the sum of its parts—through diverse but unified imagery. Learn more about the exhibition. 

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