L.C. Bates Museum’s Summer 2023 Exhibition Opening

Saturday, May 6


L.C. Bates Museum

L.C. Bates Museum, 14 Easler Rd, Hinckley

The opening of the L.C. Bates Museum’s summer 2023 exhibition, In Balance/ Imbalance, will take place on Saturday, May 6, from 4–6pm. The exhibition features over 20 artists from Maine or with ties to the state and is the result of a collaborative effort between the L.C. Bates Museum staff and two Colby College students, Zehra Gundogdu ’25 and Anna Jaubert ’25, under the supervision of Professor Véronique Plesch.

Opening remarks by curators and artists will be at 4:15pm.

Life is about balance. Far from being static, balance in nature is achieved through dynamic processes. Balance involves circulation, exchange, regulation, and negotiation. It also involves diversity and creativity. Balance is also fundamentally fragile and its disruption can have effects both positive—think about pearls, the result of an uninvited particle (in fact, it’s referred to as an irritant!), or ponds created by a beaver dam—and negative, threatening ecosystems and living organisms.

For more information, call 207-238-4250 or email [email protected].

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