Haitian Art Auction

April 24-May 2, 2021

Education Haiti


Education Haiti, a Waterville-based non-profit, and members of the Colby College Community are working with the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts (HAAM) on a nine-day fundraising art auction that will feature 26 unique works of art by prominent Haitian artists living in New England.  After payment to the artists, profits will help to support the Faculté de Travail Social et de Justice Sociale (FTSJS), College of Social Work and Social Justice, in Bon Repos, Haiti (https://www.ftsjs.edu.ht).  The auction will begin Saturday, April 24 and will run to Sunday, May 2.

To register for the auction and the events – and/or to donate –,please visit www.biddingowl.com/EducationHaiti.

Featured artwork by Nixon Leger

More info:

Events sharing Haitian art and culture will be featured during the nine days.  Bury Ephesien, director of the Creole Language Institute housed at FTSJS (https://www.creolelanguageinstitute.com), will give a presentation entitled, “How Kòd Nwa Changed My Perception about My Skin,” depicting the pride he’s developed from studying Haitian history.  It is scheduled for Sunday, April 25 at 4pm and will repeat on Friday, April 30 at 7pm.   Charlot Lucien, director of HAAM, will present “Why Buy Haitian Art:  A Tour of this Unique Style and Its Vivid History.”  Charlot’s presentation is scheduled for Saturday, April 24, at 6pm, to repeat Saturday, May 1 at 6pm.  A panel of artists included in the auction will be offered as well, along with a short dance video by KS Dance Studio in Boston.

FTSJS is one of very few schools of social work in Haiti.  Its mission is to train talented young Haitian men and women to integrate healing practices of their own culture with an accredited and internationally recognized coursework in the social work field.  In the past, social workers have flocked to Haiti from other countries with good credentials and good intentions but little understanding of the culture, no ability to speak the language, and only a short-term commitment to the country.  FTSJS aims to have the many important roles of social work filled by Haitians, whose passion for learning, skills and long-term commitment can help their country in significant ways.  The FTSJS faculty members are all professionals with masters and doctorate degrees.  Those from the US work as volunteers; and the goal is to continue increasing the number of Haitian professors.





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