Exploring Maine: a maker’s journey

July 20-September 11, 2021


MONKITREE Gallery, 263 Water St, Gardiner

Potters explore new shapes and designs with Maine in Mind.

Central Maine Clay Artists offer artistic and functional designs that allow you to take Maine with you. Each of the clay artists has their identifiable style but with this show they are exploring new shapes and designs that gather inspiration from the state that offers so much- powerful ocean, scenic lakes, rugged mountains, delicate wildflowers, exceptional dining, dramatic seasonal changes, and so much more.

The participating CMCA are Mary K Spencer, Whitney Gill, Lori Keenan Watts, Marie Palluotto, Robbi Fritz Portela, Malley Weber, Libbey Seigars, Elizabeth MB Downs, and Ru Allen. The show will also include paintings on the same theme by Nancy Barron.

For more information, please call 207-512-4679 or visit monkitree.com.

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