Curious Kids Hour: “Becoming Lucky: How I Became an Author” with Lucky Platt!

Wednesday, July 5


Waterville Public Library

Waterville Public Library, 73 Elm St., Waterville

Every Wednesday from July 5th to August 2nd, from 1-2PM!

Curious Kids Hour is back for another year! We’re starting out with a visit from Lucky Platt, author of “Imagine a Wolf”, the book on display at the North Street Connector Trail StoryWalk. Then, Maine Discovery Museum is back with more GSKScience in the Summer fun! This year’s theme is Be A Physicist. Come down to the library for more hands-on learning, no registration required! As always, we will bring all of the materials and each student will get their very own Science Lab Notebook!

These events are best suited for children ages 8 to 13. Adult guardians must remain with their child throughout the entirety of the event. Maine Discovery Museum is providing kits at the events.


July 5th : Lucky Platt

“Becoming Lucky: How I Became an Author”

Author/artist Lucky Platt will share their story on how they became an author/illustrator!


July 12th: Maine Discovery Museum / GSK Science in the Summer! 

Be a Laser Scientist – A space agency is sending a probe to explore outer space and send information back to Earth by laser.

Use a model system to discover the best way to position relay satellites around Earth to bounce the laser signal  to the receiving station.


July 19th: Maine Discovery Museum / GSK Science in the Summer! 

Be a Power Plant Engineer – A community has hired you to desigb the poser plant for a new school they plan to build. Use a model circuit to explore how electricity moves through materials, troubleshoot problems, and make a plan for connecting the power plant to the school.


July 26th: Maine Discovery Museum / GSK Science in the Summer!  

Be a Sound Engineer – Your video game company is creating the sound effects for a new game, but one of the sounds isn’t loud enough to be recorded properly. Explore ways to amplify sound and engineer a device that makes the sound as loud as possible.


August 2nd :  GSK Science in the Summer!  

Be a Materials Scientist – Your company designs performance equipment for athletes, and you’ve been asked to develop cold-weather gear for a ski team. Test materials to find out how well they block or transfer heat. Design a new material. The goal: keep the athletes warm while they ski.

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