Create Interactive Artworks for the New Children’s Discovery Museum

June 8, 11, 15, and 18

Children's Discovery Museum, Colby College Museum of Art, Colby Colby Arts Office

Colby College Museum of Art and Greene Block + Studios

Join artist Veronica Perez in creating beautiful interactive artworks for the new Children’s Discovery Museum in Waterville.

The Children’s Discovery Museum is excited to be teaming up with artist and Lunder Fellow Veronica Perez to create beautiful interactive pieces of art to be part of the museum’s brand new exhibit hall. The Children’s Museum has spent the past several years designing a new exhibit hall for the community, and is now moving into the fabrication phase of development. And they want you to be involved!

Throughout the month of June, Veronica will be hosting a series of workshops that invite the community into the design and creation process. These workshops will last approximately two hours and will take place at both Greene Block + Studios and the Colby Art Museum. Pre-registration is required:

June 8th at 4pm – Flora & Fauna for ages 3-12 at Greene Block + Studios, 18 Main St., Waterville

June 11th at 11am – Flora & Fauna for ages 8-12 at Greene Block + Studios, 18 Main St., Waterville

June 15th at 4pm – Spider Poop Balls for ages 3-12 at the Colby College Museum of Art

June 18th at 11am – Spider Poop Balls for ages 3-12 at the Colby College Museum of Art

The first two workshops will introduce children to the local flora and fauna of Maine before inviting children to create drawings of flowers that Veronica will recreate as fabric sculptures. Older children will have a chance to use real sewing machines and scissors to assist Veronica in creating these works.

The second set of workshops will begin with educational pieces about spiders. We will look at what spiders are, different types, and ones that even live in our garden and help out! We will then look at what spiders eat, their digestive system and then their POOP, because everybody poops and spider poops are very interesting and helpful to the ecosystem. Veronica will create the skeletons of the spider poop balls while the community then joins her in covering them with fabric and sari silk.

Support for this program is generously provided by Colby College Arts Office, Colby College Museum of Art, and the Center for the Arts and Humanities.

Contact Colby Arts Office Program Manager Tyler French at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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