Burnurwurbskek Singers

November 9, 2022

2:30 p.m.

Colby College

Given Auditorium, Colby College

Members of the Burnurwurbskek Singers will visit MU252 Intro to World Music to present musical traditions upheld by Maine’s Wabanaki people. Their visit will include a demonstration of traditional Wabanaki repertoire and discussion of its cultural significance, as well as opportunities for audience participation and Q&A. Composed of men representing many of Maine’s Wabanaki people, the members of the Burnurwurbskek Singers have been drumming together for almost 25 years. They perform traditional northeast woodland songs that date back to time immemorial, as well as more contemporary, intertribal songs. These songs have been passed down in their rich oral tradition from generation to generation – from fathers, grandfathers and uncles to brothers, cousins and sons. The Singers have performed at many national events for Native American organizations and at smaller regional gatherings up and down the US East Coast and Canada. The Burnurwurbskek Singers are honored to continue to share their traditional music with Indian Country. This event is open to the public, and you can connect with the Singers online at http://www.penobscotdrum.com.

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