Auditions – “A Delightful Quarantine”

"A Delightful Quarantine" by Mark Dunn

Debra Susi

Saturday, February 27

Week of March 8

May 12-16 & 19-23

This will be a virtual production to be streamed by audiences online. More safety information below.

All auditions should be filmed and submitted in the Audition Form (details below). Please film only ONE of the audition scenes and submit ONE video. If you would like to be considered for multiple roles, please indicate which ones on the form.

During the audition, if there is another character in the scene with yours, you can either have a friend or family member read the other role (off camera), OR you can skip over the scene partner’s lines and read all your lines as a monologue.


  • All actors will agree to be COVID tested before filming dates.
  • Rehearsals will be done virtually on Zoom and in person with no more than 3 actors in the space at once.
  • No more than 10 company members (actors and production team) will be in the Opera House at one time.
  • Everyone will wear masks at all times (except actors during filming).
  • Everyone that enters the space will have their temperature checked and be required to fill out a questionnaire.
  • Everyone will agree to notify the Opera House if they feel sick and will not attend in-person rehearsals if they have any symptoms.
  • Everyone must notify the Opera House if they have a close contact with a COVID-positive person and are under quarantine.
  • Actors will collaborate with the production team to provide clothing from their own wardrobes. Costumes are modern-day attire. Supplemental and specialty pieces to be provided by the Opera House.

AUDITION FORM: Please provide the requested information and upload your video directly to the form. CLICK HERE to access the form. All audition videos must be submitted by Saturday, February 27.

AUDITION MATERIALS: Click on the character name(s) to download their scene.

SHOW DESCRIPTION: In the wake of an alien visitation, the quirky residents and unlucky visitors of a small Pennsylvania neighborhood are suddenly quarantined. For three days, the inhabitants of seven different houses are forced to confront their own personal issues while coping with the situation and each other. Tensions mount as relationships are tested and before long, lockdown begins to take its toll. Marriages crumble, romances blossom, long-buried secrets are revealed, and fourteen cats put one man’s allergies to the ultimate test. A DELIGHTFUL QUARANTINE is a funny, tender play that weaves together seven storylines as it examines the question, “What would it be like to be confined with people who you don’t really know?”

Location: Willspier, a midsize city in Central Pennsylvania, Present

AVAILABLE ROLES: (10F/5M/2G) All ages listed are “playable ages” not actual ages. **Due to close onstage contact, real-life couples are required for the roles of SHIRLEY/ROY and BETHANY/CLARK.** 

  • PROFESSOR LUCY FULLER – (40’s-60’s) College Professor/Lecturer (Our Story’s Narrator). Professorial, but with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. (27 lines; 3 monologues)
  • BARBARA MIDDLEBROOK [House A] – (50’s) Mother to twins, Paula and Kitty; gave Kitty up for adoption at birth. (75 lines)
  • PAULA MIDDLEBROOK-CLOBB [House A] – (early 30’s) Daughter to Barbara, twin to Kitty; has had a challenging, messy life. (18 lines)
  • KITTY CIVETTE [House A] – (early 30’s) Daughter to Barbara, twin to Paula; was given up for adoption at birth; recently located both birth mother and sister. She works in purchasing for an airline. (49 lines)
  • JUDEEN DEMPSEY [House B] – (40’s) Trying to leave for a date (with Chester) when suddenly placed into Quarantine; typical “cat lady”. (91 lines)
  • CHESTER BANDERHORN [House B] – (40’s) Picking up Judeen when suddenly placed into quarantine, a handyman. (76 lines)
  • BETHANY ROBBINS [House C] – (Mid 30’s) Married to Roy; Diandra’s mother. Formerly Ms. Knox Memorial High School, Class of 2001. Onstage kissing. (74 lines) *Must be a real-life partner of the actor playing CLARK*
  • CLARK WIGGLIN [House C] – (late 30’s) Married to Shirley, father to Jennifer. Formerly Mr. Knox Memorial High School, Class of 2001. Onstage kissing. (55 lines) *Must be a real-life partner of the actor playing BETHANY*
  • SHIRLEY WIGGLIN [House D] – (late 30’s) Married to Clark, mother to Jennifer; Childhood sweethearts with Roy. Onstage kissing. (61 lines) *Must be a real-life partner of the actor playing ROY*
  • ROY ROBBINS [House D] – (late 30’s/early 40’s) Married to Bethany; father to Diandra. Childhood sweethearts with Shirley. Secretly enjoys dressing in women’s clothing. Onstage kissing. (63 lines) *Must be a real-life partner of the actor playing SHIRLEY*
  • DIANDRA ROBBINS [House E] – (teens) Daughter of Roy and Bethany. Best friends with Jennifer. Mischievous and curious. (42 lines)
  • JENNIFER WIGGLIN [House E] – (teens) Daughter of Clark and Shirley. Best friends with Diandra. Mischievous and curious. (36 lines)
  • SUE STADLER [House F] – (late 20’s) Older sister to Dean, recently diagnosed with cancer, responsible and mature. (65 lines)
  • DEAN STADLER [House F] – (mid 20’s) Younger brother to Sue; flighty and not dependable; struggling with his faith. (64 lines)
  • VIOLET BASSEY [House G] – (70’s) Best friend to Mavis, her sidekick. (50 lines)
  • MAVIS JEMCO [House G] – (70’s) Best friend to Violet, the mastermind behind all of their shenanigans. (80 lines)
  • TUG GOFF [House G] – (20’s) Burglar in Violet and Mavis’ House; has a rocky past and a criminal history. (33 lines)
We look forward to receiving your audition video! CLICK HERE to submit.
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