Art Break at Colby College Museum of Art

Thursday, February 29


Colby College Museum of Art, Maine Film Center

Colby College Museum of Art, 5600 Mayflower Hill Drive

Each Thursday at 12:30pm! Join us to spend thirty minutes with one work of art on view in the Colby College Museum of Art’s galleries. Art Break is grounded in the practice of slow looking, an educational approach that asks people to give patient, immersive attention to a work of art as a way to make connections and create meaning for yourself. These looking experiences will be facilitated by museum staff, interns, docents, and special guests.

Upcoming events:

02/29: Art Break: Artist’s Project — Ghost Form by William Christenberry

03/07: Art Break: Untitled Basket by Sarah Sockbeson

03/14: Testing the Shaft by Joseph Henry Sharp

03/21: Art Break: Rain Forest Wall by Louise Nevelson

04/04 Art Break: Marwencol on My Mind by Mark Hogancamp

04/04 Art Break: Marwencol on My Mind by Mark Hogancamp

04/11 Art Break: Two-Faced Seal Mobile by Bernard Langlais

04/18 Art Break: Rum Tum by Anne Arnold

04/25 Art Break: Artist’s Project — Esprit de Corpse by Jared Flood et al.

05/02 Art Break: Antelope Dance by Awa Tsireh

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