Afro Diasporic traditions of Puerto Rico and Cuba – Los Herederos

Saturday, April 6th, 2024

7:30 pm

Colby College

Gordon Center for Creative and Performing Arts

Los Herederos will present Afro-Diasporic Traditions of Puerto Rico and Cuba. Bomba is Puerto Rico’s oldest Indigenous music that is widely practiced. Bomba is music, song, and dance as well as storytelling that dates back to 400-450 years ago during the days of slavery in the Caribbean region. The ensemble will also perform Afro-Cuban traditions such as Palo, which has deep roots in the Congo/Bantu regions of south-central Africa and is connected to socio-religious practices of Congo’s ancestors, as well as Yoruba Batá drumming and singing. Members of Los Herederos represent Babalawos (high priests of the Yoruba religion) and Omó Añá (priests of the sacred Batá drums). Funded by the Freda M. Charles Music Fund

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