Fresco Workshop with Barbara Sullivan

July 11 - July 16, 2021

Monson Arts

Monson Arts

Have you ever wondered about the process involved in the medium of fresco painting? Join artist Barbara Sullivan for a hands-on exploration of this age-old medium. During this five-day intensive workshop, students will develop an understanding and appreciation of true buon fresco (painting into freshly laid wet plaster) within both an art historical context, as well as in practical applications. Students will learn the many steps involved, such as how to prepare substrates, arriccio and intonaco layers of plaster, how to grind pigments, and knowing when the plaster is ready to accept paint. All these techniques will be put into practice as students design and execute their own portable frescoes. Students will experiment with many types of substrates; from found objects to carved Styrofoam, all of which will accept a fresco painted surface.

Monson Arts Summer Workshop programs provide an ideal environment to focus on learning and studio work. Taught by instructors renowned in their fields, these classes are designed to give participants unhindered time where they don’t have to think about anything other than making. Monson Arts provides all meals and the option of housing right in town within walking distance to all of our facilities.

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