dei committee

Waterville Creates is establishing a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Committee to provide direction and oversight for our work to become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive through our policies, practices, and programs.

We are looking for individuals interested in committing to this work in a fair, balanced, and open-minded way. We anticipate that the DEI Committee will meet every other month for 1-2 hours, with an additional 1–2-hour commitment to review materials between meetings. We will also offer opportunities for committee members to participate in educational workshops and trainings as schedules permit.

To be as equitable as possible in this process, we are asking any interested party to submit a letter of intent that addresses the following:

  • Tell us briefly about yourself, your background, and why you are interested in this work?
  • How have you been engaged in the local community to date? If you haven’t been engaged to date, what about this opportunity has prompted you to get involved?
  • How would you describe Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion? What do these concepts mean to you?

No one answer is more important than another, and all letters will be considered equally as we seek to find a balanced and multi-layered group with a variety of lived experiences to support this important work. Letters should be submitted by November 28 to [email protected] or by mail to Waterville Creates, ATTN: DEI Committee, 10 Water Street, Suite 106, Waterville, ME 04901. We will notify all candidates of committee member selection by December 9 with the goal of holding our first committee meeting in January 2023.

We are excited to work together to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. We look forward to hearing from you!