Permission for SLICE: On Camera Acting

Permission to appear on Camera on Zoom for April 6, 2021

  • Consent to Participate in a Virtual Learning Environment: By enrolling my child in SLICE: On Camera Acting (the “Program”), provided by the Waterville Opera House and Waterville Creates (the “Providers”), I understand that my or my child’s participation in the Program is voluntary and that as a condition of such participation, I agree to comply with all Program requirements including, but not limited to: (a) familiarizing myself with, or ensuring that my child is aware of the Program’s standards of conduct for an online learning environment; and (b) immediately notifying the Providers of any concerns related to the health, safety or security of myself, my child, other participants, or Program staff. Video and Audio Recording I understand that Program sessions may be recorded by the Providers. I agree that I or my child will not make any other audio or video recordings or take photographs of any virtual Program session. I agree that if I participate (or if my child participates) in a virtual camp session (a) with a computer or mobile device camera engaged or (b) utilizing a profile image, then I hereby consent to have my or my child’s video or image recorded. If I am unwilling to have my profile or video image recorded, or that of my child, I will ensure that my camera is disabled and that no profile image is used. Likewise, if I or my child intends to un-mute their computer or mobile device during a virtual Program session and participate orally, I hereby consent to have my child’s voice recorded. If I am unwilling to have my child’s voice recorded, I will ensure that my computer or mobile device is muted and my child will communicate exclusively using the "chat" feature. Consent for Use of Recordings I understand the use of my camera and/or microphone during a virtual Program session is optional. However, by signifying my consent below, or by enabling the use of my camera and/or microphone during a virtual camp session, on behalf of my child, I hereby expressly grant permission to the Providers to record and publish audio files, photographs, and video footage in which my child appears, and to use such recorded content for educational and marketing purposes for as long as the Providers desire. Furthermore, on behalf of my child, I hereby waive any rights of compensation and ownership with respect to such recorded content, and I forever discharge and release the Providers, including its employees, officers, agents, students, and other persons acting under its authority, from all claims and causes of action, liabilities, and damages arising out of the use of audio recordings, photographs, or video footage, including but not limited to claims for invasion of privacy or misrepresentation. I understand that through permitting my child’s use of a camera and/or microphone during a virtual Program session, I will be offering my implied consent to the use of such recordings for this Program. 3rd Party Software I acknowledge that the Providers may utilize third party service providers to provide online resources that will be used as part of the Program and that such third party service providers may collect information from me and my child. If I am the parent or legal guardian of a participating child, I hereby approve my child’s use of the software applications under the terms provided by the software application provider, and I agree to (a) create my own personal software application account or (b) download my own copy of the software application for such purposes. I agree to supervise my child’s use of any such software application to the extent appropriate. I further agree that the Providers shall not be responsible nor liable for the performance of such software applications, nor for the actions of the software provider(s). We encourage you to review any third party provider's privacy policy before you download or access third party software for use within this Program. The information collected by each third party service provider, and how such information is used, is set forth in the privacy policy adopted by such third party service providers and available on such third party service provider’s websites.