The Menu

1 hour 46 minutes


Maine Film Center

Railroad Square Cinema, 17 Railroad Square, Waterville, ME

What could be an easier target for hilarious satire than an impossible-to-get-a-reservation haute cuisine restaurant with impossible prices on an otherwise inaccessible island? THE MENU is that hilarious satire—and way more, as one-percenter guests find themselves about to be served up way more than they bargained for at the hands (and knives) of master Chef Ralph Fiennes. “The Menu is a hilariously wicked thriller about the world of high-end restaurants, featuring a stellar cast led by a phenomenal Ralph Fiennes, some of the most gorgeous food shots in recent film history, and accompanied by a delicious hors d'oeuvres sampling of commentary on the service industry, class warfare, and consumerism”—Rafael Motomayor, IGN.

Daily at 2:30, 4:40, and 6:50*; also Saturday and Sunday at 12:15
*No 6:50 Wednesday


No performances are currently available.
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