As of 8.27.2021 Maine Film Center is requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test at all indoor events. Masks required.  Details here. 

Rear Window (1954)

December 6, 2021 at 7:00PM

1 hour 52 minutes


Maine Film Center

Railroad Square Cinema, 17 Railroad Square, Waterville, ME

One Night Only: December 6
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"It's wrong, we know, to spy on others, but after all, aren't we always voyeurs when we go to the movies? Here's a film about a man who does on the screen what we do in the audience–look through a lens at the private lives of strangers." –Roger Ebert. Jimmy Stewart plays Jeff, a wheelchair-bound photojournalist who becomes obsessed with peering through his apartment window: he believes someone has been murdered in the building next door. Suspense builds as we see the action unfold through Jeff's camera lens, but we, like him, are unable to intervene.

Proof of vaccination (or a negative COVID-19 test) and masking at all indoor events is required


December 6, 2021
From $6.50
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