As of 8.27.2021 Maine Film Center is requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test at all indoor events. Masks required.  Details here. 

Playtime (1967)

November 29, 2021 at 7:00PM

1 hour 55 minutes

Not Rated

Maine Film Center

Railroad Square Cinema, 17 Railroad Square, Waterville, ME

One Night Only: November 29
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French auteur Jacques Tati's PLAYTIME is a genre-less collection of scenes observing the absurd and often comedic banalities of everyday modern life. The set, called "Tativille," was created with its own high-rises, offices, power plant, and airline terminal. The characters on screen interact with the glass and steel of the whimsical world, often disappearing and reappearing within the sprawling widescreen tableaus. Although PLAYTIME was not a commercial success at first, Tati's influence is seen in the work of David Lynch, Wes Anderson, and Roy Andersson. "Once dismissed, PLAYTIME is today acknowledged as a radically innovative marvel. No other film uses space, architecture and crowds quite like this."" –Jonathan Romney, The Guardian.

Proof of vaccination (or a negative COVID-19 test) and masking at all indoor events is required


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