lost + found: photographs by susan metzger

Susan Metzger is an artist who has a keen interest in historic preservation, open space, rural tradition, architecture, and the humble and mundane.  Although traditionally a painter, her photographic work often explores the coastal landscape and industries that comprise an important part of the mid-coast cultural heritage.

In the exhibition Lost + Found, Metzger turns her lens to the landscape and some of the communities geographically adjacent to Waterville. Metzger invites us to pause and consider these simple and beautiful subjects—from the classic Maine farmhouse to the open fields, farmland, and outbuildings that comprise our Central Maine landscape.

These images harken to a shared past and as we reflect our imaginations begin to flood with questions about the who, what, when in these photographs.  For all these reasons they immediately resonate with the viewer and we become a silent collaborator moving through these vacated spaces and open fields.

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