doug frati: returnings

returnings is the result of artist and woodcarver, Doug Frati’s, 20 years of gathering and repurposing dilapidated beds. As a woodcarver, Doug Frati has amassed a wide range of antique headboards and found them to be a rich source of carving material. These wood turnings or bedposts have been accumulating in his barn for years. Installed at the storefront window at 93 Main Street, they serve as diverse yet singular collection that also functions as an informal wooden shrine.

returnings operates as a “tip of the hat” to the 19th Century woodworkers of Maine and New England–designed to honor and recognize the many carvers from an earlier time. We invite you to contemplate the beautifully articulated turnings in this compelling configuration.

returnings (detail)
Nineteenth-Century wood turns rewound
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