Cyanotypes (aka “sun prints) Workshop with Michel Droge and Sarah Loftus

May 14, 2022

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Ticonic Gallery + Studios

Children's Discovery Museum, 7 Eustis Parkway, Waterville

How did people first create photographs? This free workshop led by artist, Michel Droge and archeologist, Sarah Loftus, is a perfect pairing of science and art to answer this question. The cyanotype process uses paper that undergoes a chemical change when exposed to sunlight and resulting in one-of-a-kind prints! Each print uses natural objects like leaves, flowers, and ferns. All ages are welcome to try this out!

Afterwards, take a tour of The Farm Tools Project exhibition on view at Ticonic Gallery to see how Michel and Sarah have used this technique to document the tools used on Maine farms.

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