Colby Cinema Studies Screening

May 9 at 7pm

2 hours


Maine Film Center

Maine Film Center, 93 Main Street, Waterville, Maine

Please join us Thursday, May 9, to celebrate the filmmaking work of the Colby Cinema Studies Program! Admission is free, but ticket reservations are encouraged.

Directed by Jana Berry
Friends since their freshmen year–Adomah, Jamar, Jamil, Jana, Imoni–have experienced a lot together. In The Five, they open up about their friendship, their reasons for coming to college, their hopes for the future, and how they managed to stay friends despite the drama that comes with living on a small campus in the middle of nowhere Maine.

Directed by Clint Macy
KORPRIT is a film about the creative practices of a young clothing designer in rural Maine. The film follows him as he screenprints t-shirts and rides his moped around town. Not everything is as easy as it seems though, as he grapples with the challenges that come with living alone in the tiny town of Lubec.

Directed by Liam Dekel
Logging has been Maine’s most important industry for almost its entire history. Today that industry is shrinking and Mainers’ livelihoods are being impacted. The demand for lumber isn’t abating, so why is this happening to our state? Close to the Bone spends time with the people who are closest to the story–loggers and an organization trying to help them.

Directed by Ilya Ansdell
The Kennebec Cheesery is looking to pass on ownership to the next generation of artisan cheese makers. But forced to deal with an uncontrollable market, the process of passing on a business isn’t easy. A young aspiring cheese maker must confront the impossibility of a life in cheese making, while the current owners are left to explore other options.


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