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Brian and Charles

1 hour 30 minutes


Maine Film Center

Railroad Square Cinema, 17 Railroad Square, Waterville, ME

"Take the dry comedy of Aardman Animation. Bring it into live-action. Throw in a reclusive, quirky inventor and his makeshift robot made out of junk. Mix for roughly 90 minutes, and you've got BRIAN AND CHARLES, an endlessly charming, funny, and delightfully lo-fi British comedy"—Ethan Anderton, iFilm. Brian lives alone in a remote village in the countryside. Something of an outcast, he spends his spare time inventing things out of found objects in his garage. Without friends or family to rely on for company, Brian decides to build a 7-foot robot that eats cabbages. 'Charles' is not only Brian's most successful invention, but he appears to have a personality all his own and quickly becomes Brian's best friend, curing his loneliness and opening Brian's eyes to a new way of living. However, Charles creates more problems than Brian bargained for…and not just the issue of cabbage supply.

Daily at 2:50, 4:50 and 6:50


June 30, 2022
From $6.50
June 30, 2022
From $6.50
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